Trump Tweets. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

If hashtags were waffles, we’d all be having Donald Trump for breakfast. And even though our love story with waffles is as old as time, the thought of his tweets interfering my morning date…with Captain Crunch acts as a catalysator for my already present morning grumpiness. But while others might let him affect their blood pressure, stress levels and possibly even their love life, I choose not to.

From the random cameo in our favourite holiday classic Home Alone and becoming The Apprentice’s most infamous character to pouring his heart and soul into 140 characters a whopping 7 times per day, he’s anything but boring. Roughly 2,900 tweets into his presidency, Donald Trump has proven that writing in capitals is never a good idea and that being humble is (unsurprisingly) not one of his fortes. While he compliments his social media usage as modern-day presidential, with his favourite topics being ‘fake news’ and former President Obama, others might have a different perception. People often say there’s no such thing as bad publicity. And I think we can safely assume that someone who’s bad hair days makes us feel better about ours wakes up craving more than just a spoonful.

Some people just live for controversy and it follows them around like a newborn puppy on steroids. So just when you think you’ve seen it all, an unlikely friendship between two of the most controversial people on the planet forms. Kanye West and his newly crowned ‘brother’ Donald Trump bonded like school kids in class and Twitter has all the proof. From beaming with questionable pride showing off his signed ‘Make America Great Again’ cap to critiquing former president Obama, the notorious duo had twitter employees close to burn-outs. And while many Kanye’s lifelong fans were left heartbroken by this misplaced support for someone that calls more people stupid before dinner than you would in a lifetime, I felt completely indifferent. You see, I’ve always liked Kanye as much as I like raisins (read: I really don’t like them).

Twitter and Donald Trump are as intertwined as your family’s Christmas tree lights and while the world predicted the platform to die a slow death, there’s absolutely no sign of him slowing down. One last glance at the @realDonaldTrump’s account also made me realize that uncensored is his middle name and that there’s still a healthy dosage of White House updates which luckily outshines the bad stuff on any given day. Submerging myself into the vast depths of his twitter account has been an interesting experience, to say the least. Will you be giving him a follow?

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