Five Reasons To Thank Mother Nature

Introducing a collection of swoon-worthy men, including the one that’ll make your mother’s knees go wobbly and the musician who’ll name an album after you, here are five reasons to thank Mother Nature. 

The One That Keeps You Young

He’s the kind of guy who will scatter little love notes around the house and therefore send your already uneasy stomach into overdrive. Butterflies. He’ll take you on nightly adventures to secret destinations where you’ll forget all about the fact that it’s minus 5 degrees Celsius and you’re still wearing your pj’s. And even though he is the reason you’ve had to amp up your daily retinol intake (to combat those pesky smile lines), you can’t think of anything more worth it. He makes you laugh, and like nothing else, he makes you happy. Ladies, this one’s a keeper.

The One Who’s Easy On The Eyes

Mornings with him can be quite the struggle as he cherishes his one-on-one with the bathroom mirror nearly as much as you do. And if you’re seeing your hair products run out a little faster, you may have found your ‘not so usual’ suspect. His good looks never go unnoticed as you can’t cover five feet without feeling the piercing glances of ladies passing by. He takes his reflection very seriously and spends more time thinking about finishing his sleeves (read: tattoos) than his degree. But beneath that beautiful exterior, he can also be pretty damn amazing. Oh, and that beard you like? Yes, he has that too.

The One With The Band

Musicians, *le sigh*. There is something undeniably sexy about a man who plays an instrument. Compare it to that certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ of French women. Though while you’re probably enjoying those free drinks at the bar and are making everyone jealous with backstage passes, the infinite flow of underwear being catapulted at him will never get any easier. He dresses like one of your favourite movie characters, Danny Zuko (Grease), and has the kind of attitude that comes with the (leather) jacket. He’s impulsive, funny but a lousy drinker. His cigarettes are an accessory because, you know, Rebel Without A Cause is his favourite movie. And that’s why you can’t help but fall in love, really hard, like a fool.

The One Who Rides Waves

He grew up soaking up more sun than Donatella Versace and yet seems to be immune to any of its side-effects. Maybe he was heavy on the SPF, who knows? One thing is for sure. His sun-kissed long locks are nature’s most sought-after gift, a balayage. When he’s not out with his surfboard, he’s busy taking you on those adventures you’ve always dreamed of. Because a surfer boy has no fears, and definitely no limits when it comes to love. And boy, do they love hard. Being with a guy has never been easier or more comfortable. He prefers you bare-faced and thinks sweatpants are sexy. Thank god.

The One With Hair Like Rapunzel

If you can somehow get past the fact that his hair will quite literally outshine yours, you will irrevocably and unconditionally fall in love with a man that resembles Mozes on his good days. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. That soothing voice, rich with just the right amount of smokiness, will make you feel like Christmas came early this year. Be careful taking him home for Christmas: his charms will have everyone weak in the knees, including mom.

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